Auf die Ohren

Release Januar 2024

Where does the white rabbit live today?
And how do I get there?
Which messenger substances do I need?
And are the body’s own enough?
How many worlds do I have to travel through?
And is the universe still expanding?

Release Juli 2023

The brain is made up of a complex network of nerve cells that communicate with each other. Neural wiring is tremendously efficient and constantly adapts to life’s challenges.Human intellect is based on the (even unconscious) experience of thousands of years and forms a collective consciousness. An astonishing miracle, even if it has been going in the wrong direction.

Release Januar 2023

The first chronicle of the turning point (published in January 2022, even before others whispered about it) spanned a pandemic-related arc that led to the hope for a better future.

In view of the current reality, the second part reports on the ultra-reactionary moods, which I have mirrored with musical fragments of the 80s and 90s. Based on sequences of the Korg Monologue, five songs were created, which I would like to describe as a DANCE on the volcano. This is how the past catches up with us again.

Immer die Wahrheit sagen bringt einem wahrscheinlich nicht viele Freunde, aber dafür die Richtigen.

John Lennon

old stuff

This is a musical journey with more than 30 years of collaboration with different musicans in many styles! Including Solo projects!

released June 19, 2018

For Free auf Soundcloud

music for forgotten meditation zones

Was mir an fremder Musik gefällt, findest du hier. Minder häufig aktualisiert.